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What's in it for me?

What's in it for me?


  • To be acknowledged for your scientific work
  • Open up new sources for funding for your own (frontier) research
  • Knowledge dissemination (part of academic mission)
  • Contribute to your personal development and experience. This may as well be interesting when you aspire a career in a non-academic institution
  • It’s a great honor when even ‘the layman’ understands what you are working on. This reveals the relevance of you work, that was already there, but might have never been shown to the public

Why now?

  • As there is a growing focus on the utilisation of knowledge reflected by the policies within academia and knowledge institutes you can have many advantages by anticipating on this
  • The potential utilisation of scientific results becomes an increasingly important criterium against which publicly  funded projects are judged


What's in it for me?

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