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DNA-labs on the road

DNA-labs on the road

‘DNA-Labs on the Road’ span the gap between biology and chemistry in schools. The latest developments in genomics and proteomics allow students to work on current topics in science using advanced techniques. The DNA-labs have been developed by Dutch universities and the national Genomics Centres of the Netherlands Genomics Initiative (NGI). They are co-ordinated by the Centre for Society and Genomics. Students from the five universities of Delft, Leiden, Nijmegen, Utrecht and Wageningen, supervise the DNA-lab when it comes to the school. 

Six DNA-labs

Six different DNA-labs are available. They each focus on a different aspect of modern DNA-research. The DNA-labs demonstrate that knowledge of genes and molecules in a living cell plays a crucial role in areas that are important to us all: food, health and the environment. In addition, the DNA-labs show that progress in science can lead to socially relevant issues and questions.

NPC participates in DNA-Labs on the road

The NPC developed three lessons for the DNA-Labs on the road:

  • Protein Next Top Model
  • Proteomics voor de massa
  • Wat voor eiwit ben jij?
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