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NWO grants for NPC researchers

NWO grants for NPC researchers

May 2013

In May NWO has awarded 11.5 million euro to excellent scientists through the TOP, ECHO and ECHO-STIP grants. In total 35 research projects received a grant. NPC affiliated researchers were awarded with a TOP Grant and ECHO Grant.

TOP Grant

Prof. dr. J.J.C. Neefjes en prof. dr. H. Ovaa (NKI)
Chemical Immunology to modulate cross-presentation for improved vaccines

Outstanding research groups can strengthen or renew lines of research with a TOP Grant. They can pursue a new line of research or continue existing research in new partnerships.


Dr. L.M. Veenhoff (UMCG)
Ageing of the Nuclear Pore Complex: relating structure and function
ECHO grants offer excellent researchers in chemistry the chance to conduct high-quality, curiosity-driven research.
High-quality proteomics research

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