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NPC winner bio-art contest

NPC winner bio-art contest

December 2012

On December 6th 2012 the Designers & Artists 4 Genomics Awards (DA4GA) were handed out. This Dutch contest brings art, design and life sciences together. Teams of scientists and artists are working with living material in their projects that evoke surprise and questions. This year thirteen finalists presented their proposals in Naturalis. The project 'Ergo Sum' of Charlotte Jarvis in collaboration with the Netherlands Proteomics Centre, was one of the three winners. The winners receive 25,000 euro’s each to realize their proposal and work towards an exhibition in Naturalis.

Ergo Sum

In this project the artist Charlotte Jarvis is donating parts of her body to stem cell research. These specimens will be transformed – medically metamorphosed – into induced pluripotent stem cells and then into a range of completely different substances. A second self will be created – a self-portrait, a doppelgänger – made from a collage of synthesised body parts: brain, heart and blood vessels, biologically ‘Charlotte’ yet distinctly alien to her.

Designers & Artists for Genomics is an initiative of the Netherlands Genomics Initiative and Waag Society, sponsored by CSG Centre for Society and the Life Sciences and presented by Naturalis Biodiversity Centre.

Bio art: Ergo Sum

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