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NPC rated as excellent

NPC rated as excellent

June, 2011

An international review committee, with leading scientists from academia and industry, recently visited the Netherlands Proteomics Centre (NPC) for a Midterm Review over the years 2009-2010. The committee evaluated the NPC as excellent, with an overall score of 5 out of 5. The committee was impressed by the strong science of the NPC and its effective links with the Dutch Life Sciences sector. The committee concludes that the NPC has a crucial position as provider of proteomics technologies for the Dutch Life Sciences community, with a high impact on innovative applications for society and industrial R&D. The centre is unique in the Netherlands and internationally competitive. The committee concludes that the role of the NPC as national expertise centre for proteomics and its applications should be continued, including funding for infrastructure and technology access.

The conclusions of the committee are based on a self-evaluation report and a 2-days visit to the centre’s facilities, including interviews with NPC researchers and management. In particular, the committee states that the scientific productivity and quality of the NPC is very high and that the centre is internationally recognized as a leading proteomics research facility. The centre’s program has a clear focus on technology development and biologically highly relevant themes. The committee is impressed by the collaborations through the unique concept of the NPC Research Hotels, which is regarded a great example of successful knowledge dissemination. Through a large number of  scientifically and socially relevant research collaborations, the NPC provides state-of-the-art proteomics technologies to approximately 70% of the Dutch life sciences field, including academic and clinical researchers as well as industrial partners. According to the committee, the NPC has significantly raised the level of proteomics in The Netherlands and successfully introduced this technology into a broad spectrum of life sciences research. The applications include new approaches for basic understanding of a wide range of diseases, development of potential diagnostics, medical treatment and biotechnology. This is expected to have great impact on science, industrial R&D and society in the longer run.

In addition, the NPC’s efforts in education, community building, professional training, communication and valorization are praised. In the view of the committee, the NPC has created a vivid research community with a bright future. The Netherlands Genomics Initiative has been very beneficial in providing substantial funding for infrastructure, in addition to the more traditional funding per research discipline. The committee strongly promotes sustained support for a proteomics expertise centre that also function as technology provider for related areas of research. The NPC is very effective in attracting additional funding from national and international sources, but this can only be maintained with more structural funding of the infrastructure.

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