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NPC Awards 2012

NPC Awards 2012

February, 2012

On 7 February the NPC Progress Meeting 2012 took place at the Media Plaza, Utrecht. Over 200 people from inside and outside the NPC participated.

Poster prizes were awarded to:

  • Ana Leite Guerreiro (Utrecht University)
  • Tomasso Di Marchi (Erasmus Medical Centre)
  • Elizabeth McClellan (Erasmus Medical Centre)

The winners can use their prize of € 1000 for a journey abroad to attend a conference, summer school or other activity that is directly related to their research.

Furthermore three researchers were awarded the Popular Science Award. The NPC challenged their researchers to write a popular scientific article about their research. The three best articles received a cheque of € 1000.

The winners are:

The NPC will publish the articles in the next edition of the magazine 'NPC Highlights' (April) and at this website.

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