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Most important international Proteomics Award for Albert Heck

Most important international Proteomics Award for Albert Heck

August 2013

The Discovery Award in Proteomic Sciences has been awarded by the Human Proteome Organization (HUPO) to Albert J.R. Heck, Professor at the Science Faculty of Utrecht University. Heck is also scientific director of the Netherlands Proteomics Centre and coordinator of the European proteomics infrastructure PRIME-XS and the NWO roadmap funded Large-Scale Proteomics Research Facility Proteins At Work.

The Discovery in Proteomic Sciences award recognizes a scientist for an eminent single discovery in the field of proteomics. Heck receives the award because he has implemented innovative mass spectrometric methods with a unique emphasis on protein post-translational modifications and interactions.

Heck will receive the award during a ceremony at the HUPO World Congress in Yokohama, Japan, September 18, 2013.

Past award recipients are amongst others: Carol Robinson, Steve Carr, Matthias Mann, Catherine Costello, John Yates, Ruedi Aebersold and Brian Chait.

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