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Integrated Biology Seminar

Integrated Biology Seminar

September 2012

Friday October 5th, Agilent is organising an Integrated Biology Seminar in cooperation with the Duthc Techcentre for Life Sciences. During the workshop in Utrecht local and international researchers explain how they see Systems Biology working to their advantage during daily research. The day is intended to inform and enable networking between your peers and will end with a group discussion about the current situation and future steps for Systems Biology.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Systems biology of metabolism: by modeling, through mass spectrometry, Dr. Nicola Zamboni - ETH Zurich
  • Integration of glycomics and exome sequencing data in genetic disease, Dr. Dirk J. Lefeber, PhD - Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre
  • Integrated Biology: A Pathway-centric approach to Multi-omics research, Gus Salem PhD - VP and GM, Biological Systems Division, Agilent Technologies
  • Integrating data - the DISC initiative, Barend Mons PhD, scientific director NBIC and coordinator of DISC
  • Systems biology approaches towards predictive toxicology, Prof. Jos Kleinjans, PhD - University of Maastricht

The complete programme is available on the registration website. (registration is needed!)

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