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Hans Clevers winner Kolff Prize 2011

Hans Clevers winner Kolff Prize 2011

September, 2011

During the Kolff 2011 Conference in Leiden, NPC researcher Hans Clevers was awarded the international Kolff Prize 2011. He received the Prize in recognition of his outstanding results in the field of stem cell research.

At the Kolff 2011 Conference Hans Clevers presented the Kolff 2011 lecture entitled "Stem cells: Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?" The conference was organised by the Willem Kolff foundation and the Dutch Kidney Foundation (Nierstichting) in remembrance of the 100th birthday of Prof. Willem Kolff (1911-2009).

The Willem Kolff Foundation is established in recognition of Prof. Willem Johan Kolff, inventor of the artificial kidney (1942) and artificial heart (1957). The Kolff Prize was founded in 1998 and has since been awarded 9 times. It is an international prize to be awarded to a person who performed pioneering research or made an evolutionary invention, which has improved or will improve the health and well-being of humans.

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