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Geert Kops in Eco-Gown

Geert Kops in Eco-Gown

January, 2012

NPC theme leader Geert Kops (brand new professor of Molecular Tumour Cell Biology at Utrecht University) has become the second professor in the Netherlands and the first in Utrecht to have a fully recyclable ‘Eco-Gown’ made.

The gown is an initiative of Rotterdam professor of Sustainability Gail Whiteman, who is studying how to introduce sustainability into the business community. Produced without impacting the earth, the gown is made out of Returnity, a recycled polyester. It’s also eco-friendly: you could bury it in the garden as it were. Only the velvet of the lapels and the leather on the inside of the beret, for example, has been made using leather from the flea market. When you open up the gown, you can see that the universal rights of man, animal and the planet have been printed on the lining. This is a requirement of the manufacturer, sustainable clothing firm DutchSpirit in Nijmegen.

Kops says that this gown is more of a statement than him really wanting to save the world with it. ‘In doing this, I want to show that there already are a lot of products that can easily be produced in a somewhat more environmentally friendly way.’



Fully recycable eco-gown for Kops

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