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Exhibition 'Blighted by Kenning - Apples Infected with Knowledge'

Exhibition 'Blighted by Kenning - Apples Infected with Knowledge'

Oktober 2012

Charlotte Jarvis and the Netherlands Proteomics Centre (NPC) have bio-engineered a bacteria so that it has The Universal Declaration of Human Rights encoded into its DNA sequence. Apples which were grown at The Hague, seat of the International Courts of Justice, were ‘contaminated’ with the synthetic DNA extracted from the bacteria. These 'fruits from the tree of knowledge' have been sent to genomics laboratories around the world and participating scientists asked to sequence the DNA, find the message hidden within and send back a translation. Scientists were also asked to eat the fruit.

On August 4th, Charlotte Jarvis and the NPC unveiled Blighted by Kenning. In an old dairy warehouse on the coast of Suffolk, UK, a small apple orchard of thirteen trees has been installed. The project is on view from November 15th - December 6th at Hotel Droog, Amsterdam.

Read more or take a moment to view the brief documentary on the project.

Blighted By Kenning: Apples Infected with Knowledge from Charlotte Jarvis on Vimeo.

Exhibition at Hotel Droog, Amsterdam

The NPC is proud to present the first installation of the project in the Netherlands at Hotel Droog. Hotel Droog will also be hosting an open live debate about perceptions of genetics in the Netherlands to coincide with the exhibition.

Exhibition      November 15th to December 10th (ex Mondays)
Debate November 20th 7:00pm (RSVP
Address Staalstraat 7B, 1011 JJ Amsterdam

Thank you to our partners
Hotel Droog
Netherlands Genomics Initiative
Centre for Society and the Life Sciences
Charlotte Jarvis
Blighted by Kenning is organised in cooperation with CSG Centre for Society and the Life Sciences and is part of Shaking Science! 30 days life sciences and society in conversation.
Exhibit Blighted by Kenning

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