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DNA is everywhere

DNA is everywhere

Oktober 2013

The D&A Store, active throughout the Netherlands from October 2012 till September 2013 ,and in which the Netherlands Proteomics Centre participated, was a great experience! Divided over 13 locations around the country, including a D&A Store booth at the Vrijmarkt in Utrecht, the D&A store distributed over 4300 personal DNA profiles on T-Shirts and 4900 goodie bags to over 10.000 visitors of the D&A Store.

In addition, the D&A store welcomed over 15.300 visitors on and got 18.300 page views on the D&A Store Facebook page. With 41 press reports on the radio, television and internet, the news value of over €130.600 was enormous. With a spectacular ending during the “Nacht van de Kunst en Kennis” in Leiden, the D&A store looks back on a successful campaign, in which they demonstrated to the Netherlands: DNA is everywhere, you are DNA.

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DNA is everywhere

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