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Brainstorm 'NL Proteomics'

Brainstorm 'NL Proteomics'

June 2012

At the end of June, national leaders in proteomics research came together to discuss the needs and opportunities for the proteomics field over the next years.

With great enthusiasm, the participants shared their views and their willingness to cooperate in a national context. Since the inception of the NPC in 2003, proteomics in the Netherlands has greatly evolved, driven by significant investments, coordination of research themes and education, access to facilities and expertise, and through dedicated valorisation, networking and communication activities. However, the ending of the current NPC programme end of 2013, asks for new ways to organise these activities. The participants unanimously agreed that national initiatives, including  the whole Dutch proteomics community, would be very worthwhile to sustain. Examples are the yearly progress meeting with international top-speakers, the continuation of the magazine NPC Highlights, but also a good lobby towards research policy makers and funding organisations. More committed programmes, e.g. proteins@work, are essential for this, but the effort clearly needs input from other proteomics-related programmes and groups in this community. Over the next months, a number of ideas in this context will be further elaborated and  communicated with the field. Any suggestions are welcome, please contact the NPC office if you wish to share your thoughts about this.

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